How to play djembe for beginners

Djembe lesson - bass, tone, slap

​Free Course

Got a d​jembe and ​no idea how to play it? 

​Take our free b​eginners how to play djembe course​ of 11 short and ​EASY lessons to get you started. ​It's completely free and you'll learn the basics of how to play djembe in about an hour.

Starting with a brief discussion of rhythm​, ​we ​look at posture, the notes on the drum, hand ​exercises and end with a few simple rhythms. 

​Then, if you know the basics and are looking to expend your range, have a look at Playing Techniques for some cool new sounds and rhythms.

​The Basics in 6 Lessons

Lesson 1: Djembe Basics

This lesson gives some valuable information about how the drum works, how to hold it and getting ready to play.

Lesson 2: Djembe Notation for Beginners

This lesson goes over djembe notation, the way rhythms are represented in graphs and how to read them.

Lesson 3: The Bass Note

Here we start with the first sound on the drum - the bass. Where to hit, how to play it and exercises for playing the bass.

Lesson 4: The Tone Note

The second sound on the drum, the tone note. Where to place your hands, how to strike the drum and exercises for tones.

Lesson 5: The Slap

This lesson goes over the ​hardest note to play - the slap. It takes some work, so keep coming back to this lesson.

Lesson 6: Bass, Tone & Slap Lessons

Putting all the notes together. 10 exercises and short rhythms using the bass, tone and slap.

​Intermediate Techniques

Lesson 7: The Roll
Lesson 8: The Flam
Lesson 9: Paradiddles
Lesson 10: The Muted Tone
Lesson 11: The Shuffle (Swing Timing)

​Rhythms & Songs

Song 1: Albongo - Easy
Song 2: Kuku - Intermediate


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