African Drumming Music

African Drumming

'African Drumming' is an album that captures of the irresistible drum beat of Africa.

  • 9 African drumming songs
  • Featuring djembe, bass drums and percussion
  • African voices in displays of talent ​and passion for traditional music
  • Explore the rhythms of Africa​
  • Hear the power and irresistible sound of African drumming

​About the Album

​Listen in as we gather some of Africa's best drummers and unleash them in the studio over two hot weeks in Cape Town, South Africa.

With free reign to explore, they bring in a large collection of drums and ​move in. ​​​​

W​ith ​everything is set up, we hit record​ and sat back​. ​The temperature went​ ​​up even more.

The result was a firestorm of an album in just 9 songs.

​We believe they captured the essence of drumming ​perfectly​, in that the​ music changes and builds until you lose any will to resist​ it.

​It's a mix ​of ​fast and slow beats, heavy ​African grooves and hypnotic poly-rhythms. There are mid-tempo dances that accelerate with high speed solos.

Simple, sparse rhythms that develop into full songs, with some singing.

Take a listen to these masters of the art in lively spirits and feel the African heat.

​Features these instruments

  • djembe
  • dun dun (bass drums)
  • cow bells
  • shekere (shakers)
  • ashiko drums
  • congas
  • triangles
  • singing (minimal)
  • clave
African Music Instruments

Recorded in Africa

The album was recorded at Urban Mix Studios in Cape Town, South Africa and was produced by Al Paton.

Paton is a drum teacher with the world's largest interactive drumming company, Drum Cafe, has been teaching African drumming for the last 15 years.

Enjoy genuine, hard-to-find African drumming magic!

  • Perfect to listen to or play along with and learn
  • Connect with the thriving music scene of Africa
  • Music that illuminates Africa's history, played by masters of the art.
Map of Africa



​My African drumming skills have improved vastly, just listening to the different rhythms and trying to play along.

Rowan Gatenby 

​London, UK


​The quality of the recording allows ​you to focus on the 'details' of the different songs.

David Bourgeois
​Halifax, Canada


​Found it to be very helpful in own drumming. Gave me some ideas and chances to play along with.

/ ​Winterbach, Germany


​​Very good indeed.


​​Säter, Sweden


​Good quality and fantastic drumming at a very affordable price. Really enjoying it.

Liliana Martins
​London, UK


​Great! This one was by far the best to play along with.

/ ​​Tokyo, Japan

Plus: Free gift!

Included in your purchase is the e-book 'An Illustrated History of African Drumming' absolutely free!

  • 47 Pages​
  • 69 rare pictures
  • African drumming throughout history
  • Only available here
  • ​.pdf format, 12 Mb

​Download now

  • 9 MP3 files
  • Album Artwork (Front and back cover)
  • Ebook - An Illustrated History of African Drumming
  • Size: 48 Mb


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