Djembe Repair in Reading, Berkshire, UK


We Fix Djembes.

Got a broken djembe drum gathering dust?

We can help.

Djembe Restoration

We fix drums. We buy drums. We collect within 5 miles (Reading UK).

We can help with:

Broken toca djembe

Djembe reheading

Our team has over two decades of hands-on experience in djembe repair.

Djembe repair Reading UK


We use only the best drums skins to bring your drum back to life.

Djembe shell


Repair structural issues, cracks and chips in shells and wood.


We cut and weld custom rings from budget friendly rebar to premium stainless steel.

Rope - various colours


Using only the best imported rope in a variety of colours to repair your djembe

Djembe loops


Single and double loops, ribbon wrap and colour combos to brighten up your drum.

How We Can Help You


Our expert Djembe repair services will restore your instrument to its full potential.

By addressing any wear, tear, or damage, we restore the integrity of your drum, for smoother playing, richer tones, and heightened responsiveness.

Tips For Buying A Djembe

Extend the Lifespan of Your Instrument

Keeping your drum in great shape extends its life. We can fix most structural issues and stop minor problems from becoming big ones. So you can enjoy years of playing. 

Preserve the Tradition

At our Djembe repair center, we understand the cultural and historical significance of these instruments.

Our meticulous restoration process respects the craftsmanship and traditions of West African drumming, ensuring that your Djembe maintains its authenticity.

Threading a djembe

"Thank you so much for doing such a great job of the drums. They are amazing, and so fresh! They look fantastic!" 

Georgie B ‧ Music Teacher



South-East England, United Kingdom

Caversham Bridge, Reading
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