12 African Photos You’ve Never Seen In Colour

​In this exclusive and original post we bring you 1​2 photos from Africa that have never been seen in color before.

We've painstakingly recreated the​ color using Photoshop and the original black and white photos to bring you these historical gems.

​We think the color brings you closer to the moment captured ​by the original photo.

Share and enjoy. 


​Very little info about this image exists. All we know is it was taken in 1925 and that the original caption reads: "The dance-drums were shaped like hour-glasses, their tops sprinkled with pellets of crude rubber which adhered to the fingers of the players."


​Cetshwayo kaMpande, the king of the Zulu Kingdom, in 1878.

This is one cool guy

​That is one cool Afro.

Is that a jam jar?

​A Kenyan man with a jam jar in his ear. For when you fancy a bit of jam on the go. Circa 1880-1923.

A girl playing a Krin

​A girl playing a krin - one of the few drums that does not have a skin membrane - it ​consists of a hollowed-out section of tree trunk.

Nelson Mandela

​A young and very serious Nelson Mandela in 1937. He would have been around 19 in this photo.

The Zulu Pool Players, 1903

​The Zulu Pool Players, 1903.

Pygmy drummer

​A pygmy drummer.

An old man, taken in South Carolina in 1850

​This is Renty, an African slave taken to America. This portrait was taken in South Carolina in 1850. There is something very moving about this photo.

susu drummers with djembe and balaphone

​This is the oldest photo of a djembe we have come across. Two Susu musicians on djembe and balafon, circa 1937. Note the sekeseke (vibrating metal plates) on the djembe.

Tam Tam

​This picture is simply titled Tam Tam, French for drum.

The Zulu Motor Cab

​The Zulu Motor Cab, 1903. This is the original black steampunk.

​It's amazing how colour brings the photo back to life. We love your comments as always. Please share and follow us.

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