Oldest African Drumming Footage Ever

​There is some amazing old African drumming footage out there if you know where to look.

We searched through the archives of African footage to find the oldest African drumming footage ever recorded. Then we put together this video, a compilation of the most amazing, the oldest, the true history of African drumming.

See what African drumming looked like back when Africa was a wild and undiscovered mystery. 

​This was amazing footage, but the clips did not contain sound, which was a pity.

​We wanted to find ​some African drumming footage with sound, ​so we dug a little deeper to find​ rarer footage which contained sound. We came across the following footage, which is some of the most incredible historic footage we have come across. 

We hope you'll agree, and we hope you enjoy these two short videos we put together.

​Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Viva Afrika!

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