Best Djembe DVDs – Instructional Videos

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Brad Dutz - Ultimate Beginner Series - Have Fun Playing Djembe (DVD)

Have Fun Playing Djembe

​Designed for the beginning hand drummer this tutorial begins by covering how to develop a sense of beat, how to produce tones and how to play a rhythm.

The second half of the tutorial covers techniques to produce a range of tones and sounds.

World Music Discoveries: Drums and Djembes of Burkina Faso (DVD)

World Music discoveries Djembe DVD

This is a documentary, not an instructional DVD.​

In the African nation of Burkina Faso, drums such as the djembe are more than a simple instrument; they have long been used for communication and story telling as well as musical accompaniment, as this fascinating documentary illustrates.

Explore the role the drum has played in Burkina Faso's history, and how the current generations' quest to move away from tradition threatens this time-honored instrument of oral history.

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