Best Djembe Stand

Best djembe stand

Here ​you can compare the different types of ​stands for holding the drum and discover how to find the best djembe stand for you.

Using a djembe stand is an alternative to using a strap or holding the drum with your legs while sitting down to play. ​Large stands allow you to play standing up, without having to support the weight of the djembe. Smaller stands can be used for playing while sitting down.

Djembe stands are ​usually made of metal with legs and rings to hold the djembe in place.

Here's a video of Babatunde Olatunji using a number of stands in order to play three drums.

​The djembe stands in the video are probably the best in terms of sturdiness, but ​they don't fold up, so can be bulky​.

Alternatively, if you don't play that hard, or your djembe isn't that heavy, ​you might like a foldable stand​.

​Remo Djembe Stand​

​This djembe stand ​is for playing in a sitting position. You can put ​it in front of you, removing the need for a strap or your legs to hold the drum.

It is made of black wire and should fit djembes up to 16".

Size: 17.5" high


  • Cheap
  • Good for long ​sessions ​to give your legs a break.
  • Allows you to relax while playing
  • ​Rubber coating on top and bottom to prevent scratches and grip floor
  • ​Useful for adding a djembe to a percussion setup​


  • It is a little low for some players, even while sitting
  • Angling the drum can be tricky
  • ​Not as sturdy as the more expensive model.
  • For recording - ​the gap is too small at the bottom to fit a microphone under the drum

​Meinl Djembe Stand​

​This djembe stand ​is also for playing in a sitting position. ​ It is made of chrome-plated steel and has adjustable legs to accomodate various heights.

The legs are L-shaped, giving the rubber feet good contact with the ground - less likely to move around.

​You can also angle the drum by making one leg longer than the others.


​Very sturdy



​No instructions for assembly​

​Toca Djembe Stand

This stand uses two adjustable nylon straps to hold the drum in place. The design allows you to quickly and easily angle the drum to your preference. The legs should be sturdy enough to hold up to a 16" djembe.


  • Folds up easily
  • Light
  • Adjustable for various sizes of drum
  • ​Good setup for recording


  • Possibly unsuitable for larger djembes and heavier playing

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